You may ask why we do not use wax when it is advertised everywhere on the internet as a must have for dreadlock making?

The simple answer is wax is very bad for dreadlocks.

And then you may ask why companies sell it when it is bad for dreadlocks?

The simple answer is to make money.

If you can sell something that can be shipped anywhere in the world you increase your customer base by a huge amount. We have learnt through experience, research, and first hand testing over many years that you do not need any overpriced nasty products to start or maintain dreads! That is why we do not, and never will, sell them. Below we have listed some reasons as to why wax is bad for dreads.

It feels horrible- on your hands, and in your hair. It is sticky, why would you want to put that in your locks?!

It collects lint, dust and all kinds of other things because of the stickiness. This then stays put because it gets stuck in the wax and won’t wash out. Yuck!

Dreads need to move to lock up properly. This is because the friction created by movement creates tight knots. What you have with wax is a prevention of that movement.

Dreads made with wax often get a very solid feeling down the centre which is unpleasant. This is because the wax builds up in the centre. We like to call them dread candles!

And if all this isn’t bad enough, wax is almost impossible to remove. It doesn’t wash away as it is not water soluble. You would have to get the water you wash your hair with to boiling point to have a hope of melting it, and no one wants to pour boiling water on their heads!

And possibly the worst fact of all about wax is, as it is not water soluble, water can get trapped in wax pockets created in your dreads which keeps your hair a damp sticky mess, and horror – mould can grow! We have seen this with our own eyes. Please do not use wax!