Frequently asked questions

Over the years we been asked all sorts of things, some of these questions may seem obvious, and some may seem completely mad, if your question isn’t covered here then please to get in contact with us and we will be sure to answer your query.

I have decided to get dreadlocks, what next?

Research dreadlocks on the internet and look through the photos on this website to get a clear idea of what you would like doing to your hair. Work out what you would like your dreads to look like. Thickness, length, round/wispy tips etc. It is a good idea to email some photos before your appointment.

Remember that we can make your dreads look as close to your dreadspiration as possible, but they will have a mind of their own and change shape and texture as they mature. This will differ from person to person depending on your hair texture.

Once you have decided all these things you can contact us for a quote. Please see Booking for what to do next.

I want to book an appointment, what do I do?

Please visit our Contact page for step by step instructions on how to book an appointment to have your dreadlocks made.

Where are you based?

We work from home as we find this is the most comfortable setting to have dreads made as you can watch TV,relax, meet other local dreadlings even fall alseep whilst there are being done. We are based in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK. People travel from all over the world to have their dreads made and cared for by us and we are very particular about our high standards of work.I will also be doing tours each year around different Countries and Festivals, news of this will be on our facebook page.

The studio

How thick does my hair need to be?

Your hair can be any thickness to have natural dreadlocks put in. If you have thinner hair however we would recommend letting your new dreads settle in for 6 months before having extensions added. This gives them the best start in life.

How long does my hair need to be?

For natural dreadlocks we like hair to be at least 6″ long. With some hair textures the hair can be shorter, but your dreads will have a better start in life if you are patient and wait until it is at least this length to start. If you are unsure, send us a photo and we can advise from there.

For extensions we like your hair to be at least 8″ long. When your hair is locked up you lose roughly 1/3 of your natural hair length so having your hair at least this length means we have enough of a dread ‘stub’ to work with. Please note- if you have thinner hair it is best to wait at least 6 months before having extensions added. This means they will grip well to your tighter dread babies.

How much care do dreads require?

Dreads require weekly care in the beginning stages such as washing, root separating etc. We supply each of our customers with a hair care sheet explaining all the recommended hair care methods and also a Dread Don’ts section for what you must not do to your dreads.

My hair is thinning or I have scalp problems. Can I get dreadlocks?

It depends on the severity of the problem. Severely thinning hair will not handle the weight of dreadlocks well. If you have other scalp problems such as severe dandruff/sore scalp please be aware that dreads could make the problem worse. Please consult your doctor/dermatologist before getting dreadlocks.

Does getting crochet dreadlocks hurt?

Some people find it slightly painful when we are doing the roots, especially around the ears. However some people say it doesn’t hurt at all, some even fall asleep! So it depends on your personal pain threshold. Your head may feel a bit tender when you have had your new dreads put in, but much the same as having braids put in, it is from having your scalp tugged at all day and the tenderness will pass within a day or so.

I do not want my photo taken, is that okay?

The photos of work on our website are just a small selection of the work we have done. By no means do you have to have your photo taken if you do not wish. However it is always appreciated by us if we can take a photo as it helps others who are considering dreads see what we can do. We can always blur out your face and change your name on our website if you would like to help us out but do not want your face on the internet.

I am under 16, can I have my hair dreaded by you?

If you are under the age of 16 you will need to bring a parent/guardian with you to your appointment. They will need to sign a parent/guardian consent form before we can start work on your hair.

I have sent you photos and got a quote back that I am happy with, but why is my appointment so long?

We are very particular about our work here at Blue Bramble Dreads. We make sure every set of dreads we make is one we would be happy to have on our own heads. The process of making dreads is a long one, but it is always worth the wait. Most salons will squeeze in as many people as possible in one day and use nasty products such as wax to stick your hair together to save on time and maximise profits. We genuinely care about your hair and the way it looks. We love dreadlocks and want all our customers to be happy. Which is why if you want natural dreadlocks it will normally take a full day and if you would like natural dreadlocks and extensions you will need to come for two day appointments to have them made, but made the right way from the beginning.

I have an appointment booked, what do I need to do to my hair before my appointment?

Do not wash your hair with conditioner for a couple of weeks before your appointment. Wash your hair with a non residue/no conditioner shampoo to get any build up of product out of your hair.

Please make sure your hair is washed within 24 hours of your appointment, again with a non residue, no conditioner shampoo. Please make sure your hair is also dry.

If you have a tidy up booked please make sure you do not wash the hair on the morning of the appointment. This may result in us not being able to tidy your hair, as wet dreads don’t crochet well.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

Please bring any photos of dreads you like, examples of the thickness you want your dreads to be etc. You can however leave this up to our professional opinion.

Food/DVDs/Xbox games/laptop etc. To keep you entertained. (Although we are of course fabulous to talk to!

If you have any questions you would like to ask on the day write them down and bring them with you.

Your patience! It is a long day/two days process, but is always worth the wait!

How and when do I wash my dreads?

You can wash your hair normally after about a week of your dreads/extensions being put in. Washing early can undo the work that has been done to lock up your hair mainly because of the shower pressure. Our friends at DreadsUK have also done a video explaining the difference between normal shampoo’s and dread shampoos.

Dread shampoo bars are also acceptable, although avoid any other ‘dread’ products like the plague! We recommend washing your hair at least once a week, let’s not help with the myth that people with dreadlocks are dirty. After washing your hair make sure that it is fully dry, we normally use a hair-dryer for best effect. You must not ever leave your dreads wet if at all possible, as keeping your dreads damp can create mould, although this is rare.

I have new dreads but they are falling out, what do I do?!

Please do not worry! Dreads require time to tighten up. This process is massively speeded up by the method we use, but your dreads will still loosen and tighten up again as they settle in, especially shorter dreads or dreads in thinner hair. This varies from person to person because everyone has unique hair, but still no reason to worry. We are always just an email away if you need to have your mind put at rest.

One of my extensions feels like it is slipping out/coming loose, what do I do?!

We make our extensions very tight and strong. When each one is finished we do a pull test to make sure they hold super tight. However, like with any hair extensions, dreads or otherwise, sometimes they can slip due to general wear and tear. This is a rarity, but if it does happen there is no need to worry. You can pop back to see us and we will fix the problem, free of charge of course, and quite often you get a little tidy up thrown in there as well for your trouble.

How long will it take before my dreads are like this persons/this picture etc?

Dreads are like good wine – they get better with age! When we put your new dreads in we will make them as mature looking as possible being that they are still new dreads. You will find their texture will change over time as they ‘mature’. It is all part of the joy of having dreads!

Remember that your dreads will look like just that – your dreads, not anyone else’s!

When do I come to see you next?

We recommend that tidy-up sessions shouldn’t be too often as over crocheting can lead to weak points and even cause loss of a dread. We therefore recommend that you come when at least a few inches of new growth has come through. This way only the new growth hair is crocheted over. The time it takes for the new hair to grow can vary from person to person, but we normally recommend somewhere between 4 months and a year. However this is just a guideline and by no means absolutely essential, it is a personal preference on the shape and texture of your dreads, and your dreads will still form with minimal maintenance such as occasional palm rolling when your dreads are wet from the shower, and root separating. However, if you would like a tidy up to get your dreads looking super neat and tidy again, just send us an email via the contact form so we will book you in.

Where can I buy dread beads?

When you have your dreads made you can choose from a selection of beads, speak with us when you come in or send us a message through our contact page.

I have seen this method on the internet or been shown by someone, should I do this to my dreads?

If you are ever unsure about a method which you have seen on the internet, or that someone has shown you, please don’t hesitate to ask for our opinion, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

I have a random question which is not covered in the FAQ.

Just contact us, we will always answer our emails and any questions you may have, we are a friendly bunch, so ask away!